Novium: a charge?

WHILST on my way to the Knit & Natter Club at the library last Thursday morning, I looked in the window of the Novium. It was dark but I could see a few people around.

I went on to my K & N Club and we talked about the new museum and how nice it was going to be. At the end of the meeting we were discussing the price of visiting the museum. ‘It must be free,’ said I, ‘the other one was – why should this one have a charge?’ After some further discussion I volunteered to go over and find out if there was a charge.

On my return, the club became the Stitch & Bitch Club, it depends on the subject matter which version we use. All were amazed when I told them there was a charge of £7 or £6 concession, which was us, or £15 for an annual ticket, but who wants to go in every week or are there going to be lots of different exhibitions?

There were a few raised voices asking ‘why do we have to pay to go in?’ Why can’t Chichester citizens and/ or pensioners go in free? It should come in with the council tax, we pay enough in that. So if anyone from the museum or the council could please tell us the answer we would be very pleased. Thank you.

Mrs C C Johnson

Cawley Road,