Olympic fever – but what will it be?

HAVING read your big front page section on the future arrival of the Olympic Torch I am still bemused as to what exactly is actually going to happen in this city of ours.

Let me first declare my interest, I am an event producer and own and run a live events production company in the city centre of Chichester so I have every interest in the biggest show on earth arriving on my doorstep.

Your article and anything I read on Ahead of the Games or Creative West Sussex website still do not detail any activity, event or even plan to celebrate the event.

In fact they just pass the baton between one another hoping that the public get the impression they are doing lots.

The torch has to cover so much ground and the fact that it has to drive or run through our city is the best we get for a few fleeting moments.

We have tried to contact WSCC many times and even tried to present ideas but we get no response and are told that they have no funds or even time to discuss our proposals.

Once again it will be left to local communities or the private sector to deliver events and I am sure that all of the local authorities will start to take credit and want the limelight.

Ahead of the Games has cost tax payers’ money to set up and I have seen nothing to speak of since its launch.

Roll on 2012...

Ajay Parekh

Managing director, Kabuki Productions Ltd, West Street, Chichester