On dairy subsidies

REGARDING the article ‘Super markets are milking it’ (Observer, August 9) dairies complain that the open-market price for dairy products – cream, butter, cheese – has collapsed.

So they have to reduce the price they pay farmers for their milk.

A retired member of the European Parliament tells me that, with regard to the collapse in the price of dairy products, the source of Cameron’s embarrassment lies in Brussels, which is why he and his wimpish ministers can’t or won’t talk about it.

What they don’t say is that the EU has been subsidising the production of dairy products in other EU countries for years, and they pay those subsidies to exporters of those dairy products.

In other words, EU-subsidised dairy products are being dumped on the British market and destroying one of the UK’s best and oldest industries.

So long as the EU’s export subsidies on dairy products remain so will British farmers’ financial pain.

The plight of our farmers is just one of hundreds of examples of the decline of our country due to our membership of the Common Market/European Union.

Edward Heath lied at the time of the referendum which confirmed our Common Market/ EU membership, and many politicians have maintained that deceit ever since.

In 1995 the Federation of Small Businesses, representing 70,000 firms, voted overwhelmingly for Britain to leave the EU altogether.

I recently heard a British businessman pleading that we should not leave the EU.

Who is to blame for our decline?

So long as the public elect MPs who insist we must not leave the EU the decline in the quality of our lives will continue.

The history of EU membership shows quite clearly that those politicians who advocate a renegotiation of our membership terms are living in cloud cuckoo land and are not to be trusted.

So, it is down to the electorate to vote only for those prospective MPs who are committed to make the UK once again free to govern itself by repealing the 1972 European Communities Act.

Derek Hunnikin

St Leodegar’s Way, Hunston