On Duncan...

First, may I claim a ‘senior moment’? I will be 80 at Christmas!

In last week’s letter about scooter safety it should have read: “My immediate reaction in an emergency was to PULL BACK the control paddle as applying a cycle brake.”

Even though it goes against the grain, I have to agree strongly with Duncan’s comments about driver training.

I learned in the 50s when there was not nearly so much traffic around.

The first four years were on a small motorcycle and this experience, being totally exposed to the elements, greasy and icy roads and other traffic, gave the kind of driver awareness that cannot be gained in a car.

When I later passed my car test after two months behind the wheel, I found my previous experience invaluable.

I still continued to motor cycle until about 1963 when I decided that there was too much traffic on the roads for safety!

This early experience has made using my mobility vehicles, scooter then power chair, in my opinion, much safer especially when it is necessary to use short stretches of road.

I am often worried by the way some elderly scooter users behave, maybe they have never driven!

Finally, please do not let the letter pages be taken over by councillors. Let them have their own columns.

John Collins

Exeter Road