On this occasion

I am a mild-tempered man, non-violent, non-politically-orientated citizen.

I tend to go with the flow, put up, pay up and shut up, but not on this occasion.

I think the concept of the current public elections of officials to the police crime commission is the most ill-conceived idea coming out of Westminster.

It is a disgrace and an undermining insult to integrity and capability of every chief constable in this country.

I can think of no other profession who, not being bound by government dictate, would use – albeit decent highly-qualified professionals in their respective fields – an outside agency to have dictate over the day-to-day running of affairs.

You employ someone, train them, give them years of experience and promote them to the highest rank of chief of police with day-to-day control over a myriad of the nation’s problems, and then take their authority away in favour of well-meaning people, who have absolutely no experience whatsoever of front-of-line policing.

How can these people exercise a greater advantage over the deployment of police personnel in tackling anti-crime and at the same time reducing economy in betterment to the existing chief of police in his/her daily duties?

It’s ludicrous!

I received absolutely no advanced correspondence on election of PCC officials from my local authority other than an electoral voting card.

When I opened my Observer newspaper I found the briefest details of the candidates standing for election and with their respective ideals on anti-crime.

Other than one ex-serving police officer, I doubt any would know what to do if confronted by a criminal in the street or at their home or business.

I am interested as to how the candidates became chosen for election.

What on their CV in the selection process made them particularly suitable for this role?

The respective government of the day who have cut police funding and numbers to the bone have taken away the ability from the police to successfully carry out their role efficiently and to the total satisfaction of the public.

This has greatly contributed to reduction of standards within the police to those of yesteryear and causes corner cutting in order to keep pace with affairs.

It’s wonderful to hear how much these candidates are going to be involved in the reduction of crime, but what I needed to know before I cast my vote, is how they propose to make a substantial difference from what is taking place at this very moment that justifies their appointment or are they just another politically-orientated quango?

Am I cross about the proposal of the police crime commission – you bet!

Did I vote – NO!

In view of the large salary which the appointees will receive, will they also be held accountable if they fail?

How will the PCC help to infuse more dignity and sense of purpose to the policeman and demand a higher degree of respect from the public at large for the very difficult and dangerous tasks they perform?

I believe and sincerely hope sensibility will prevail and the PCC will be doomed to swift failure.

BR Kingswell