Ongoing protest

People of Bognor Regis and the surrounding parishes do not seem to realise a developer at Shopwyke Lakes has proposed closing the east/west access at the Oving traffic lights.

Oving, Westergate and Eastergate councils have already organised a petition to protest at the closure.

The Chichester Observer has carried many articles regarding the ongoing protest, the Bognor Regis Observer one small comment.

The Bognor Bridge roundabout is always a nightmare (a flyover for the A27 would be very beneficial), the A29 is often now closed due to flooding so access to Chichester is going to become more and more difficult.

Perhaps the local parish councils can join together in Oving?

If one wishes to join the protest there is an e-petition at: You can also google oving traffic light closure or shopwyke lakes development to find out more.

B Patterson

Leverton Avenue