Other areas have parking problems too

Since my letter to the Observer last week about the growing number of cars being parked on our roads, on the grass verges and anywhere where people can park their cars, I am mainly concerned with the non-residential parking on the Little Breach Estate as I have mentioned before.

It seems we are not the only area in the city with parked problems. Since my letter, I have had numerous phone calls from other residents in other parts of the district with similar problems: cars being abandoned at 8.30am and being collected at the end of the working day, with not a thought for the person whose property they are parked outside; traders having to turn down work on people’s houses because there is no space to park their work vehicles.

The roads are getting tatty – with all the street parking, how can the council clean the roads? In some cases how would emergency vehicles gain access?

It seems the parking problem is being compounded also by the authorities allowing builders on to what was car parking spaces and erecting family dwellings, forcing people now to find alternative parking spaces on the roads.

The car is here to stay; people will not use bikes when they own a car. We do need more car parking spaces at a price people coming into this area to work can afford.

Derek Packham

Little Breach,