Parking charges ‘a tax on worshippers’

IN A cathedral city, where the diocese serves the whole of East and West Sussex, I am appalled at the council’s proposed tax on worship.

Many in the cathedral’s congregation have to drive on Sunday to worship and not only has this freedom always existed, it is protected by Article 9 of the Human Rights Act.

On Monday, May 21, 1660, the mayor of Chichester was held to be in contempt of Parliament and held in custody for two weeks for his wilful denial of the ancient rights of the city’s citizens.

May the present council not have to incur the cost of defending itself in court for denying us our current human rights. Chichester is one of only eight civil parishes in England with city status; these are all places with long-established Anglican cathedrals. Let us keep our city and its Christian heritage special; especially on Sundays.

Andrew Hooper,

Highland Road,