Parking plagues us

WHICH areas in Chichester are not plagued by on-street parking? Much of which could be prevented if the local planning authority insisted developments provided realistic parking, as part and parcel of proposed schemes. Last week’s Observer saw two more letters, this time from harassed, Little Breach residents complaining about on-street parking. Do we see any response from our elected representatives?

At the recent AGM of the Summersdale Residents’ Association, the dangerous parking situation in the Broadway, adjacent to the One Stop Shop, was again highlighted. The police community support officer also reported the concern of residents of Wellington Road, who had raised the issue of inconsiderate parking by weekend users of the rugby club, when vehicles were being parked on double yellow lines, across driveways and on pavements. None of the city or district councillors present at the AGM volunteered to speak on the parking issues.

CDC has recently allowed the rugby club to sub-let their Wellington Road car park to Chichester University, Monday to Friday, a move which users of the congested Summersdale Road at first applauded. The recent expansions of the university, without adequate car parking on site, had forced students to look for parking out in the neighbourhood.

Problem solved then? Certainly the highways authority has been quick to upgrade the pathway to allow students to cross College Lane at the Wellington Road junction. Obviously, in these times of financial restraint, this expenditure was carefully considered and planned for, some time ago.

Saturday morning at the rugby club car park now sees a residue of vehicles left parked from the Friday, with the consequence that there is insufficient room for members and their guests in the designated car park. Pressed for time they park wherever.

When the decision was made by the CDC to allow the club to vary its use, could no-one foresee the consequences? Is the car park going to be policed, and cars parked inappropriately removed or clamped?

Why wasn’t a planning application required for such a considerable change of use? Were residents consulted?

Will the current development at Roussillon Park have sufficient parking to satisfy its residents and visitors? I fear not. As for the Coleton Care Home planned for the SW corner of the barracks site adjacent to Wellington Road, with its 75 residents and visitors and the 80 employees, will sufficient on-site car parking be provided or will the residents be asked to bear the cost in the further degradation of their environment?

I feel ashamed, to have during the past 50 years, been a witness to the despoiling of this once unique and beautiful city, much of which could have been prevented by more thoughtful and careful planning.

Ray Carter