Parking price rise has increased parking on side-roads

It may not have escaped the notice of Bosham residents, especially those who use the Bosham car park to park their car rather than congest the nearby residential roads, that Chichester District Council has seen it in their wisdom to raise the annual seasonal fee by 33 per cent.

I cannot believe the two councillors representing Bosham thought levying such an outrageous increase would do anything other than increase the number of cars parked in the side-roads and lanes, which don’t have parking restrictions!

Last year the council took back the operation of the car park after it had been very well managed by Chichester Harbour Conservancy. The seasonal parking charges last year were £60 for the summer months, and £90 for the whole year, which made good sense based on the higher demand during the summer and offering a discount for residents who rely on the facility all year.

This year the council has decided to apply a flat monthly fee of £10 per month which takes no account of the differing demands on the facility at various times of the year, and charges annual residents who are reliant on the facility for the whole year the same rate as more temporary users.

The net result will be to further increase the numbers of cars parked on nearby unrestricted roads such as Moreton Road, Sunny Way, and Critchfield Road, so inconveniencing those residents and increasing the likelihood of accidents and especially injury to children, which is known to increase when roads become congested in residential areas. Well done, CDC!

Robert Bailey

Crede Lane