Parking problems should be a bigger priority

I am aware of the area WSCC covers: there must be around 25 towns or areas big enough for parking to be a problem.

But even a two-man team would have about two weeks(or 160 man hours) on each per year to look at the problem, and they are not starting from scratch, but only looking at areas where a new problem has been notified to the council.

Take the closing of the New Park Road car park for housing, which should have been looked at and measures put in place before it was undertaken. I did not see anything done, although now a few parking bays have been put in down East Walls which must be very nice for anyone in one of the new ground-floor flats in the Roman Quarter. It must really help the daylight coming through the windows to have a car or van parked away.

There are many problems with on-street parking that cannot be addressed, after all, if your road is only long enough for 100 cars to park on but the residents own 130 cars between them, where do they leave the 30 which won’t fit?

Another problem is the zones only cover parking at times during the day, so are only really any use to people that come and go during those times of day. If you do go out for an hour, there is nothing stopping your neighbours from having ten of their friends around, all using a visitors’ permit and filling up the bay.

A CPZ permit does not guarantee you a parking space within the zone, but may stop you from parking in the zone in the next road and leave you having to park half a mile away in a car park and still having to pay.

There is one other thing with on-street parking: safety! The reduced visibility it causes to both car drivers and pedestrians is a big problem; some roads would be safer with a 30mph limit and no parking than a 20mph limit and parking both sides. But how would you go about implementing that in a car-dependent world?

John Holden

Bognor Road