Pay for themselves

LAST January Cllr John Connor rejected the vote by the electors of the city of Chichester and the petition of the people of Chichester concerning the proposed introduction of Sunday car parking charges.

Having affected so many people with his proposal to introduce these charges, he is now trying to protect his own backyard and ensure no changes are made to his constituents in Selsey.

He seems happy to discriminate against the people of Chichester in his support for car parking charges that he considers are totally unacceptable to his own constituents.

Cllr Tony Dignum is quoted as considering the rises in Chichester car parking charges to be ‘modest’.

And yet it was he who said at the council meeting that introduced Sunday car parking charges that no further increases in Chichester car parking charges should be tolerated until those in the surrounding areas were raised substantially first.

Similarly, Cllr Cullen may not consider increased car parking charges to be ‘headline news’ but that is because neither he nor his fellow councillors pay such charges with their free season tickets.

It was at the January 2012 meeting councillors retrospectively authorised expenses payments they had been claiming, to which they had not been entitled.

Car parking in Chichester contributes over £2.5m per year to the council.

Perhaps our councillors should only claim their actual parking costs when attending council business, and pay for themselves at all other times?

Better still, perhaps they should set an example and use public transport and hand in their free car parking permits altogether!

Andrew Hooper

Highland Road