Plans for new retail park ill-considered

I FIND it astonishing that despite the promise of 400 new jobs the proposed new retail park near Barnfield Road may or may not create (Observer, November 24, page 2), there is no mention of access to the site.

Employees on the park alone will create a parking need for 100-150 vehicles, plus another several hundred for shoppers driving to the site.

Already there is virtual gridlock along Westhamptnett Road and the Sainsbury’s roundabout at busy times and especially at weekends.

There just isn’t the room for more and more traffic without major road improvement.

There are of course many other arguments against unrestricted development in and around Chichester.

Where is this madness going to end? Chichester cannot go on expanding both in housing development and retail parks indefinitely without considerable new infrastructure in the short and medium term.

It is time our planning authorities and councillors really grasped this and called a halt to this reckless expansion before our beautiful city is completely ruined and our way of life destroyed forever.

Michael Hutton

Cawley Road, Chichester