Please be considerate

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MY SISTER is a trained nurse and spent many years nursing in Chichester at the Royal West Sussex Hospital and St Richard’s.

When she was first nursing, before the use of hoists, all patients, even the heavy ones, had to be lifted.

She also used to enjoy walking and had completed the MP March six times (four 10km, one 25km and one 40km) collecting money for charities.

She now has trouble with her knees. One has been replaced and she is awaiting the operation on the other.

On Saturday, June 4, she was on her electric scooter on the way to town.

She had just crossed the road at the junction at New Park Road.

A gentleman was walking in front of her in the middle of the pavement.

She politely asked if she could pass.

He ignored her.

On asking him again, he turned and told her to wait – and then continued walking in the middle of the pavement until my sister was able to pass him at St Pancras church.

Luckily, he is in the minority as most people are very polite and make room for scooters to pass.

I hope that in the future if this gentleman ever needs to use a scooter, people will be more polite to him than he was to my sister.

RA Baker,