Please don’t knock it

... I was saddened to read the negative reporting on The Novium.

I think Mr Woolley typifies the Lib Dems, ‘woolly by name and woolly by nature’.

It also reflects badly on the city council to actively denigrate one of the city’s assets.

Lovely though the old museum in Little London was, the building had come to the end of its useful life.

It would not have easily been upgraded to meet the demands of the 21st century.

As a volunteer in both the old museum and now at The Novium I appreciate how lucky Chichester is to have the new building.

It wonderfully displays the old Roman bath ruins.

The storage area for keeping the many thousands of artefacts is such a vast improvement on the old basement at Little London. Having artefacts on show arranged by themes rather than chronologically is a new concept but I think it works.

We could have ended up with the city not having a museum at all as the district council doesn’t have to provide this as an essential service.

People should use it or risk losing it, due to financial cutbacks in these times of austerity.

A visitor attraction helps support the local economy, so please don’t knock it.

Pat Saunders