Please write to Highways Agency

I am the traffic representative of the Mundham and Runcton Residents’ Association.

Earlier this year we the committee had a meeting with representatives of the Highways Agency South, who informed us that much of the bridge to cross the A27 had already largely been constructed, and that we should write to urge them to erect it.

I did so on September 23.

They replied on November 4 that ‘following the spending review in 2010 the Highways Agency’s priorities have changed’.

The area director stated that his ‘priority focus has shifted to the steady state maintenance and operation of the network’ and that he was ‘unable to commit to building a bridge at the present time’.

Following the recent tragic deaths, I wrote again earlier this week asking him to reconsider.

I await his reply.

I urge concerned citizens to write to the Highways Agency in support: we all know how dangerous crossing the A27 is in the Whyke area.

Christopher Page

Willowmead Close, Runcton