Potholes are just getting worse

I LIVE in Lavant, and I attend St Phillip Howard School.

I am writing to you because I am concerned about potholes in the area.

The conditions of roads all across West Sussex have deteriorated because of the weather last year, and has left the roads exposed to freeze thaw. This is when water gathers in cracks in the road, freezes and expands, causing the road to break up. This then results in deeper potholes.

Pothole complaints and awareness on the internet have been more common than I first thought, and it’s not just car drivers who have been complaining, but also cyclists.

Midhurst Area Cycling (MAC) has complained about potholes being in the roads of Midhurst, and people having to go into the middle of the road to avoid hitting them.

Another example is an almost fatal accident for another cyclist. The 45-year-old man was riding the seven-mile journey home and didn’t see a 2ft-wide pothole as it was covered in water. His front wheel went in and caused him to fall off.

Potholes are also a problem for cars – for example, the Singleton to Goodwood road has 500 yards of road missing on one side.

In the area I live, potholes have constantly been refilled. I think I speak on behalf of all the people of Lavant that the road should be resurfaced.

This pothole issue has gone beyond filling in and the situation can only get worse if they are not repaired.

Jacob Wood

Springfield Close, Lavant