Privatising services is a dangerous move

Further to Ms Miller’s letter (Observer, March 7), I would like to fully support what she says about the danger of privatisation.

Do we really want our taxpayers’ money to go to private companies to pay for public services the NHS have previously provided for many years. Let the likes of Virgin get on with running trains and planes, not GP surgeries.

On April 1 the PCTs ceased to exist and the NHS funds passed to a local CCG: ours is the Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group. We must hold them to account on how they spend our money and let them know what sort of NHS we want. An NHS for the public, run by the public with no profit to international private companies.

I challenge our new CCG to fully engage with the public and listen to what they want and not be driven by people with an interest in making profit.

Kate Beach

Sunderland Close