Problems at Graylingwell

I WANTED to write to you to let you know about the recent problem I’ve had since I moved in to the new eco village on the Graylingwell Park estate.

I have been living here now for just over a year and in general it is a nice place to live. However there is one problem that just seems to be getting worse and that’s the parking.

When I bought the property I was given a designated parking space which I believe I purchased with the house as it states a parking space on my mortgage. We were then given a parking permit from a private parking firm and asked to place it in the window of our car; we were given one that is a residence permit and one for visitors.

This meant that we could only ever have one visitor’s car at any one time as we only have one permit spare. What makes this worse is there is now only five visitors’ spaces for the whole estate (which is about 80 houses) as they came round and removed most of the V’s on the road, showing which spaces were visitor parking spaces.

I am now having to park my car on the main road behind the old army barracks and walk through the estate to get to my house as my fiancée uses our space for her car. But now we have started receiving parking tickets on her car because we can’t find the permit that was given to us to display in the window.

It started about two weeks ago when we received the first ticket because the permit wasn’t in the window. We received a ticket for £60 for parking in a parking space which I believe we own. I emailed the parking company and Affinity Sutton but received no response from either of them.

We then wrote a note and placed it in the car window explaining that we had mislaid the parking permit and we were trying to find it but this still didn’t stop them placing another parking ticket on our car window – which now means we have received a total of £120 in parking fines.

I think the whole parking situation on the estate is ridiculous and I cant see it improving. As far as I am concerned, I own the parking space along with my house but I am being charged to park in it.

Speaking to other residents I am not the only person who is suffering with this and I believe everyone is in agreement with me that this is totally unacceptable and is ruining what is otherwise a lovely estate to live on.

Peter Cairns

Graylingwell Park