Profit comes first

IN YOUR report (Observer, October 6) on the decimation of the Tangmere bus service (which, just to declare my interest, will wreck my social life and ruin my Sundays), you quote from a statement by the commercial manager of Stagecoach, who seems unable to decide whether it is, on the one hand, not fair, or on the other, not possible, to use some of the revenue from more popular routes to subsidise lesser used ones.

Perhaps I can help him. In fact it would be both possible and fair to do so.

What he actually means in either case is simply that it would be less profitable.

No matter. Stagecoach is just a commercial enterprise after all, so we shouldn’t expect anything more.

Instead, we relied on the County Council to act on our behalf to see to it that Stagecoach would provide an adequate, across-the-board public service.

Weren’t we naive?

Mr PW Damper,

Tamar Way, Tangmere