Project in wrong place

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Referring to correspondent Alice Crandford, Sidlesham (‘Forgotten the Past?’ April 28) I would like to put the record straight.

The Almodington greenhouse project was stopped because the development control committee of Chichester District Council considered Easton Farm to be a most inappropriate site for such a massive industrial development.

The ‘odd’ grounds for refusing consent were vastly increased traffic on inadequate access roads, and the destruction of arable land zoned for agriculture.

Coming to their decision, they listened to the united and unanimous voice of several hundred local residents, over 100 summer visitors to camp sites, and all the local parish councils.

The lifeblood of the Manhood peninsula is tourism – by far the largest local industry, employer and income generator. It would certainly be odd deliberately to deter visitors by covering the area in glass and clogging the lanes with HGVs.

With so few arguments in favour of this project, other than financial gain to the developer, it is not surprising, regardless of how irrelevant and inappropriate, the writer can only find the ‘race’ and ‘class’ cards up her sleeve.

Sarah Soames,