Proposed junction would increase traffic

THE heading in your paper (New homes scheme could unlock A27) looks like wishful thinking.

The traffic on the A27 is currently increasing by three per cent per year and will continue to do so until the planned flyovers at the Bognor and Fishbourne roundabouts are built.

Building cannot start until after 2015.

These are the improvements which will unlock the traffic.

The proposed left in/out junction with the A27 to the north of the planned Shopwhyke Lakes development would merely increase the total traffic load.

It is therefore extremely unlikely that the Highways Agency would permit any new road access to the A27.

This brownfield site should be developed as far as possible to enable the immediate environment to be improved.

In the absence of a new access road, this will mean avoiding any significant increase in the local traffic.

Residential development would need to be more like 50 units than 500, and with little provision for the use of cars.

Richard Hill,

Chichester (South) Committee of Sussex CPRE