Public should be silent regardless of circumstances

If we follow the same logic as HM Government – once the people have spoken there is no argument that requires reconsideration or perhaps even a change of mind.

Therefore, as we have had a general election, the nation has spoken and should be silent forever on the matter and regardless of circumstance live with the result in unity and harmony.

As for getting our laws back, may I use a ‘silly’ but illustrative example of how the system works.

1: If for some reason the EU decided that all trucks over 7.5 tonnes should have white tyres, guess what colour tyres would be on every truck on the dockside at Dover, Portsmouth, etc?

They would all be white. UK trucks would not have a set of black tyres and change them when they returned to the UK. The transport companies that trade abroad would not run two fleets, one with white tyres for EU work and one that stays in the UK.

2: How many HGVs with UK number plates, carrying non-perishable goods travel through France on a Sunday? Simple answer, none.

Can UK drivers ignore this law? Yes, but it is very expensive.

The Norway + example was illustrated on the BBC this week. The spokesman for Norway said that if the legislation for toasters changed in the EU but Norway didn’t change the specification for their toasters in line with the EU, then Norway wouldn’t be able to sell any toasters to the EU. Well what a surprise. Don’t we use higher standards than some exporting countries to protect children by banning the import of toys with toxic paint, wherever they are manufactured?

The campaign to leave the EU was appalling on both sides. If those politicians who advocated leave did not think the process would be difficult they are not fit for office as they are clearly incompetent, but if they knew it would be difficult but still said it would be easy, then they are not fit for office as they are clearly liars. Either way they should not be able to hold office.

The problems of leaving the EU are now clear. One of the world’s leading satellite companies based in Portsmouth is barred from bidding for work in the Galileo project because the EU agreements prohibit this. Our security is at stake because the co-operation built into the EU system will change and the exchange of intelligence will change. The list goes on and on.

If the public were capable of making a decision based on little or no actual facts then why are we not responsible enough to make a decision based on known facts?

We can all rest assured that the only logic of all this is that the need for another General Election is void as the public have spoken, once.

M A Beal, Kingsway, Selsey