Remove the problem

It is nice to see Miles Davy, lead professional of the parking strategy team (must be a very demanding job to require a team), has such a strong grasp of democracy.

Fifty-five responses (or we could call them votes) cast, 39 against and only nine in support.

We all know on-street parking is a problem, not helped by the council allowing houses to be converted into multiple occupancy for student lets.

All the increasing of the controlled zones will do is push parking into new areas of the city so the local residents on those streets will suffer, then they will want parking zones and before long the whole city will be controlled zones only.

And the council will be the only ones to benefit, being able to say they are keeping council tax rises down but putting zone parking charges up.

It will become just another tax.

The truth is the people parking on the streets are coming into the city to work and cannot afford the cost of the car parks as they do not get free or subsidised rates from their employer.

Cut the car park fees and you will remove a lot of the problem.

John Holden

101 Bognor Road