Rendered me angry

MY NEIGHBOURS and I were, this week, horrified to discover that our lovely Victorian Jubilee Terrace, built in 1887, was completely spoiled by someone who thought the end of terrace house would look ‘NICE’ rendered all over, with a view to painting the outside.

This lovely complete terrace, brick-built all those years ago unfortunately, it would appear, did not qualify for conservation status therefore allowing the developers to do just what they like. This part of Whyke Lane is divided by a Victorian footbridge, which was removed and renovated just a few years ago, with a view to keeping the history and character of the area from being spoilt.

On the day this rendering was started the planning enforcement officer was called in the faint hope this spoiling of our lovely terrace could be halted, but no, nothing , it seems, could be done. So what was an unspoilt Victorian Terrace, known as Jubilee Terrace 1887, is no more, ruined for no good reason.

Sally Bunday

Whyke Lane,