Repairs create havoc

FRED KARNO’S Army was a popular term in the 1930s to describe any sort of chaotic grouping of incompetent people and it would seem that last week Karno put himself in charge of the highways department of West Sussex County Council, judging by the confusion and disorder on the roads around West Marden and Compton as blameless drivers were vaguely diverted down cul-de-sacs and into one-way thoroughfares.

Reason? Long-awaited road repairs, accompanied by ill-positioned and meaningless signs of all descriptions were taking place between South Harting and Walderton, necessitating complete closure of the road.

As hapless drivers of all kinds drove around in time-consuming circles trying to find different routes to and from Chichester and Petersfield, spectators looked on with growing amusement as over and over again they saw the same car or lorry fighting to escape from the labyrinth of roads which abound thereabouts.

No such side-splitting spectator sport for those of us who live in Hampshire where local authority personnel can read maps and know left from right.

Gillian Dangerfield

South Street,