Although I bought a copy of the Chichester Observer, so far I have only had time to look briefly over the pages. But I am very disappointed in your pages from history.

I am now 76 years old, and I remember that layout of the Observer from the second world war. The layout is not my problem, neither is the very small print, because I have some magnifying glasses.

But I consider that the ink used is far too faint, and the background paper is too dark. Have you never heard of the word ‘contrast’?

I refer to pages 30-41. Could you arrange for a reprint of these pages in larger print, dark ink and white background paper? Of course this would not be an exact facsimile and it would take more sheets of paper, but at least I should hope to be able to read it.

Gillian Combes

Orchard Street


Editor’s note: These were actual reproductions of historic pages, and reproduction was not as clear or precise in that era as it is now. We went to every length to ensure they were as legible as possible.