Revamp makes shopping difficult

AS A regular user of the Summersdale branch of One Stop I wish to say how much I agree with the views of the wheelchair user who rightly criticised the new layout in an article (Observer, September 13).

Not only is the store now completely inaccessible for people with disabilities, it is also very inconvenient for all shoppers. The corridors are narrower than they were before.

I presume the new design is meant to increase space for merchandise but it is sad that this has been achieved at the expense of the post office which has been reduced in size and moved to the front of the shop directly opposite the entrance. People waiting to use the post office facility have no choice but to stand in the way of food shoppers on their way in. I dread to think how cold it will be in the winter for everybody, especially staff, as the door opens automatically every time anyone enters.

I am sorry this presumably very expensive recent refurbishment is so inadequate. The shop has hitherto provided an excellent service for large numbers of people in north Chichester. The manager and his staff are highly efficient and always courteous and friendly. I hope that a redesign can be undertaken as soon as possible for their sake and for that of their many customers, especially elderly people who may not have cars and do not always wish to take the bus into town to make their purchases.

Anne Wingfield-Hayes

Lavant Road,