Reward Paul Rogerson

On September 20, at the liquidation meeting, one of the creditors will be Paul Rogerson, who – he was told – is no different to any other creditor. Really?

Paul Rogerson was not only a founder member of the Festivities, but has worked for this organisation with all his enthusiasm and commitment for the past 40 years, this past one included.

In order to keep the Festivities in funds, he normally did not claim any of his salary until after the whole show was in the bag, so to speak. After the chaos of the cancelled Fireworks Concert on July 14, Paul managed within three days to arrange the identical re-staging for September 28.

As we now know, there was no will to save the Festivities, as it had already been decided the Chichester Festivities should be ditched as a hopelessly unprofitable business. The still considerable till receipts were wasted on solicitors, liquidators and the self-generated redundancy payments for some of the staff.

One would think that with all the expertise of chairman, board and others, a dedicated member of the Festivities, such as Paul Rogerson, would be rewarded in some way for unparalleled service over four decades, rather than having to claim in an undignified manner for his last year’s salary – like any other creditor.

Edith Rogerson