Rickshaw plan is misguided and flawed

Perhaps it is a reflection of the relative status of the UK vis-à-vis the former ‘developing’ nations that as they are clearing rickshaws from their streets, we are allowing them on to ours.

Did those who voted to allow rickshaws on the streets of Chichester pause to consider the fate of those economically-vulnerable people who will be forced into paying the up-front entry costs to participate in this insecure form of ‘employment’? Did they ask themselves in the 21st century do we really want some of our fellow citizens to become draught animals? Did they ponder the safety of the rickshaw occupants in the inevitable collisions that will occur? And did they realise that far from being ‘green’, rickshaws will generate greater emissions from those vehicles stuck slowly behind them? And how, I wonder, do they propose to untangle the inevitable traffic problems bound to be caused by rickshaws in West Street and South Street?

Given the layout of Chichester, it would be far quicker to walk through the city centre, dispute the A-board hurdling course, than it would be to take a rickshaw around the busy ring road. For this reason I consider that anyone setting up a rickshaw business here is bound to fail.

If someone is stupid enough to try, I hope Cicestrians would boycott the rickshaws and so sweep these squalid symbols of third-world poverty from our streets.

Paul Cresswell

Merryweather Road

Old Bosham