Rough with smooth

YOUR headline regarding road resurfacing looks impressive, but the actuality is rather different.

The West Sussex County Council road gangs have obviously been very busy tarring and gritting, because many of the local roads have miraculously been resurfaced within days of each other – great.

But as usual no-one has thought to send out someone to fill in the potholes and cracks first, so the smooth surface trumpeted about hasn’t materialised.

Why does this happen every time the roads are resurfaced?

I have lived in Selsey for over 50 years and not once have I seen cracks and potholes filled first before the gritters lay down a new surface.

Preparation is everything – even people doing DIY fill cracks and holes in walls to achieve a decent finish – why haven’t the transport/highways authorities twigged this yet?

The result is, of course, a rubbish finish, not a smooth one.

Mr J C Rhodes

Chichester Way, Selsey