Serious accident is overdue on B2178

SEEING your headline in the Chichester Observer, we can only emphasise what a dangerous road this is.

We moved into a house fronting this road on the second bend when you are in Funtington about seven years ago.

During this time there have been over 25 accidents on this corner – knocking down walls at least eight times – but nothing that has caused any serious injuries.

However, we agree, this is only a question of time sadly.

But will anyone DO anything to reduce this situation?

We would suggest all these accidents are caused by speed.

Most drivers take little or no notice of the 30mph limit, and this is especially so during the night when drivers have a clear run through the village.

We are often awoken by the screech of tyres.

Rush hours are not so bad as there is always a car in front of most drivers which curtails the speed.

We would welcome it if anyone is able to suggest a solution before there is a very serious accident.

Dena and John Kitchener