Service with a smile

WITHOUT wishing to bore anyone, I’d like to reply to the two letters concerning mine about the self-service system in the library.

I, in no way, am levelling criticism at those who work there, as everyone is unfailingly helpful and pleasant.

It’s the very system that depresses me.

Go to the station and buy your ticket from a machine.

Phone to buy a product and leave your details on an automatic voice order-taking recorder. Go to the supermarket and use the self-service tills, or just shop online.

Go to buy petrol and use the self-service pump. Go to the doctor and log yourself in. Go to the library...

It’s the idea we can get through life without talking to anyone that I find sad.

I have been a teacher for 38 years and wouldn’t change my job for anything.

My whole life is centred around communicating, talking and passing on skills necessary to us as a communicating species.

Our speciality is the ability to talk, discuss, compromise, argue, debate and so on.

How often do we hear complaints that the ‘screen’ generations don’t know how to hold a proper conversation – and small talk is also one of life’s little pleasures!

I just find this desperate reaching for so-called perfect efficiency, meaning we get rid of people, rather tiring as it just doesn’t make everything perfect, does it?

Are we in always in such a rush that we don’t have time for a minute’s chat?

Of course I use technology, at school and at home, but give me a person any time!

And just to reassure Ricky Johnson – I go everywhere with a smile on my face, as anyone who knows me will confirm! Life is far too short to waste it being miserable!

Bridget Stap

Godwin Way, Fishbourne