Sham of public participation

We are told the NHS finances are at breaking point, that demand must be managed, services cut, life-saving treatments rationed, and that every penny must be scrimped and saved.

Yet the harsh logic of austerity seems not to apply to the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust who have sent out a mass mailshot, complete with a freepost return envelope, canvassing support for their bid for Foundation Trust status.

As they could have used the local media to publicise their campaign for free, I suggest that when the next round of cuts begins, those who sanctioned this waste of scarce resources should be the first out the door.

If this sort of introverted obsession with a sham of public participation is what we can expect from a Foundation Trust, then we should vigorously resist any change to Foundation status.

Paul Cresswell

Merryweather Road, Old Bosham