Shoppers are spoiled

IT SEEMS there is an abundance of food stores in the Chichester area. I wonder how shoppers choose which supermarket they frequent. In this area there are a variety of shops including Iceland with mainly frozen food, Lidl with its cheap offers and its non-food items together with its European staples. The thundering big blue lorry travelling down the Arundel hill recently reminded me that the Co-op were in town, complete with their ‘divi’. Going up-market sits the tempting Waitrose displaying epicure morsels, together on a par perhaps with Marks & Spencer, which is not just food – it’s M&S food! Now Sainsbury’s has an added attraction in its Gok-Wan fashion designs, sure to attract shoppers.

So how does one decide where to spend wisely? Apart from the quality of food goods I usually decide in the spur of the moment. I like to take the car to do a ‘big shop’ and be able to park without hassle, usually in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose who provide such facilities.Unfortunately I find M&S so difficult to park in and have only been able to park there once in quite a few years – and pay for this pleasure! I’m sure there would be a heavier weight of shopping if parking was free.

With the bountiful array of goods available, not forgetting our individual specialist stores and the Marketplace, we have an array to tempt most foodies – bon appetit!

Noelle Mullen

Parklands Road,