Should we form a residents’ association?

OVER the past few weeks I have written to the Observer regarding the amount of HMOs on the Little Breach estate, which in turn is causing monumental parking problems for residents and tradesmen, to date no-one in the local authority wants to recognise or even be interested in obviating our problems.

Recently I have spoken to other residents of Little Breach and it has been suggested that we petition the local authority with the view of capping the amount of family dwellings being converted into HOMs.

This needs to be done now; it should have been done months ago when first it was suggested.

I am led to believe our councillor for Chichester North has been approached regarding this matter, to date nothing has been done.

I feel we should seriously think about forming a residents’ association. Perhaps then the local authority would listen to us, after all we are council tax payers.

Derek Packham

Little Breach