Simply Wrong

MEP Peter Skinner’s assertion ‘time is fast running out for badgers in Sussex’ is simply wrong.

There are no plans for any form of badger cull in Sussex.

As a dairy farmer I am genuinely unsure as to whether the limited badger culling proposed will be effective or not and so I do not position myself in either the pro or anti camp.

However there is no doubt TB needs to be eradicated and a source of infection in cattle are the pockets of infected badgers.

TB is a disaster for the dairy farming, is costing millions and is causing massive distress to all.

If you prefer badgers to humans then sadly TB is spreading rapidly throughout the badger population.

It is a vile disease that results in considerable suffering and ultimately the death of the infected badger.

Mr Skinner’s assertion that culling is ‘barmy’ whilst advocating vaccination shows he has an even poorer grasp of the facts than I do.

Perhaps typical of a politician who is only interested in grabbing a headline for his own purpose.

Vaccination will only work if every badger is caught and vaccinated on a regular basis.

A ‘barmy’ idea perhaps?

However what I find truly offensive about MrSkinner’s letter is he is clearly seeking to make political capital about an issue that is causing huge distress and hardship amongst hardworking families to the point that some people have taken their own lives.

If this is the only way Mr Skinner as an MEP can get his name in the press then it says more about his capabilities as a politician than it does about the validity or otherwise of a badger cull.

On the latter point I am trying to learn from the views of both sides.

However I learnt nothing of value from Mr Skinner except to further increase my contempt for his type of politician.

John Pitts

Woodhorn Farm