So just how many deaths does it take?

My thoughts and best wishes go out to those injured in the horrific crash on the Old Broyle Road.

I live on the junction of this road and Salthill Road – a little further towards Funtington than this incident.

I have helped four people out of serious accidents caused by drivers speeding along this stretch of road.

You can still see the hole in the hedge from the last one.

The Highways Agency has been contacted and I have asked for traffic calming measures to be introduced.

I was advised that as no fatalities had been reported, it was not a priority.

I do fully appreciate that with a reduced budget not every road can be made safer, and guess it’s a logical way to decide where money should be spent.

So this is not a ‘let’s attack the authorities letter’, but a serious question.

Could someone tell me: is it one death or more that pushes you to the top of the ladder?

Either way, dear reader, take it easy along the Old Broyle Road or it could be you.

Chris Casburn

Salthill Road