Something to be valued

When I came to live in Chichester 12 years ago, each year on Christmas Day in Christ Church there was a free Christmas dinner with entertainment available for people who from lack of either family or funds would not otherwise have had such a dinner, serving the dinner were a number of volunteers of which I was pleased to be one.

Other volunteers provided transport for those unable to make their own way there, and each person left with a small gift.

So far as I recall, the last dinner was about three years ago and on that occasion we were disappointed that eight people who had booked in failed to arrive, thus leading to the waste of a great deal of food.

At the present time with foodbanks so much in demand, I think a free Christmas dinner would be equally in demand, and I would hope that next Christmas one could be again organised.

I have heard it said that people value only something which has a price tag on it, so perhaps a small fee might be charged.

While this letter is ten months in advance of the occasion, it requires finance, strong organisation and management, for all of which planning would need to be commenced well in advance of December 25, 2013.

Meriel Wilmot-Wright

Little London