Sorry to hear views on The Full Monty

I WAS sorry to read the views of CE Nayler about our recent production of The Full Monty, which were in stark contrast to the vast majority of our audiences.

By way of clarification, the production was faithful to the original script for the stage musical, set in Buffalo, New York, and which had successful runs on Broadway and in the West End.

All the publicity material warned about the use of strong language, and male nudity.

Although the production costs were reasonable, it was by no means a cheap show to put on.

We are very excited about bringing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to the Alexandra Theatre in June next year.

This means that in an 18-month period, we will have a performed three entirely different types of show at the theatre.

The Sound of Musicals in May this year was a compilation show that was extremely well received, and The Full Monty, appealing perhaps to a different audience, was equally successful.

Putting on different types of shows remains the lifeblood of any amateur company and we are pleased the vast majority of our audiences appreciate the talent and musicianship we present for their entertainment.

Al Amaladoss

Chairman, BROS Musical Productions