Speed limit must be lowered

I READ your front page article (Observer, May 10) about the ‘Action plea over ‘death-trap’ road’ where it was said that residents feared a fatality on the dangerous B2178 road if the speed limit was not reassessed.

I for one know on May 22 there was a fatal collision further along the road on the treacherous bend nearer to Brandy Hole Lane. This crash alone involved three cars and left seven people injured, one of whom died later in hospital. I happened to be the first person to the scene and witnessed the ghastly mess that left family and friends devastated.

This is a subject particularly close to my heart as not only did I witness the crash last year, one of my best friends was involved in a collision in exactly the same location in November 2009 where she had to be airlifted to Southampton hospital and was left with permanent brain damage.

Having stabled my horses at Oakwood School for many years and therefore crossing the B2178 from Sherlocks building yard into Chapel Lane daily, I have experienced a few near-misses myself purely because cars travel at the ridiculous yet apparently legal 60mph speed limit around the blind corners, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

I am 100 per cent behind the local residents to get the speed limit lowered to an adequate 40mph, as are many other horse riders and road users I know of. After all, how many more lives need to be turned upside-down before some sort of action is taken to make the road safer?

E Edgar