Still to be won

I was intrigued to read the article about the opportunities for choristers at Chichester Cathedral.

However, as the article went on, it became clear not all ‘little angels’ have access to the opportunities mentioned.

That impression was reinforced by the last but one sentence in the article: ‘It is open to boys in Years 2 and 3’.

Do girls get similar opportunities (if not a chance to try out with the Chichester Cathedral choir) at Prebendal School?

If in the near future the recent narrow-margin rejection of women bishops is over-turned at a synod, could we have the spectacle of a future Bishop of Chichester being female before girls are allowed in the choir of her cathedral?

It seems a century after the work of the Pankhursts, this is yet another area where sexual equality has still to be won!

Francesca Tambling Waldron