Stop parking on our roads

The residents of Lennox Road, Meadowfield Drive and Shamrock Close are heartily sick of workers from St Richard’s parking in our roads.

They park dangerously, obstruct the pavement and park on the grass verges, causing them to be churned up and muddy.

They forget these verges are, in effect, our front gardens.

How would they like it if we parked in their gardens?

No doubt the police would be called and we would be ejected very quickly!

They start arriving by about 8am and stay until the end of their working day.

If we, as residents, have to take our own car out for an early appointment, we would not have a space when we came back.

If there were ever an incident during the daytime, a fire engine would never be able to get to it.

As if this obstruction isn’t enough, some people have started parking on Swanfield Drive.

This is stupid and dangerous and it causes problems to the buses to and from Tangmere.

The road is too narrow and winding for this to be a safe practice.

We have contacted the Highways dept and they have said they would look into yellow lines, but this may take years.

We have also contacted the hospital; they said they were not the only employer in the area.

This is true, but they are the biggest and the others do provide sufficient parking for their staff.

In a nutshell, we would like them to go away. Perhaps they might take some notice now.

S Soal