Surely 500 houses will increase traffic

As the proposed Shopwhyke Lakes development is for 500 houses, surely this would increase the traffic problems on the A27 to the tune of 500+ vehicles, not provide an improvement as the developers are claiming.

The fairly recent modification to the Oving crossroads, when new traffic lights with a different sequence were installed, has made the turn across the A27 safe so there is no justification in closing the junction to through, local traffic.

A compulsory left turn would mean local traffic having to join the queue of traffic on the by-pass, thus exacerbating the problem.

If the supposed ‘payback’ feature of the development is that the traffic flow will be improved, then the planners/ Highways Agency/ district council should push for the developers to fund the cost of a flyover at the Bognor Road roundabout as this is the cause of long queues, not the crossroads.

A flyover, together with the Oving crossroads remaining open, will allow local traffic easy access into and out of Chichester.

A Norfolk,

Shopwhyke, Chichester