Tackling challenges

LAST week you published an article saying the Aldingbourne Trust is currently seeking corporate partners, due to the fact the council will be cutting funding to the trust by 30 percent.

I would like to help explain our approach in tackling the challenges of the current economic situation. We have numerous sources of funding and it is possible that cumulatively a number of our services could face significant cuts over the next three to four years.

We are funded not only by the council but also by central government. Anticipated cuts could be up to 30 percent in some areas and, as one of our beliefs is that we should help people to help themselves, we are doing this from our end by expanding our social enterprises in order to produce an income to reduce our dependency on state funding. For this we will be launching an appeal in April and are currently seeking corporate partners who will be able to benefit from our fantastic facilities and training experiences.

The Aldingbourne Trust supports adults with learning disabilities and with the funds raised we are aiming to expand some of our social enterprises, including our shop, cafe and conference facilities at the Aldingbourne Country Centre.

Our social enterprises help provide our clients with training and employment opportunities and we welcome visitors seven days a week.

We are looking forward to a sustainable future and very much hope the public will enjoy supporting us in the next stage of our development.

Sue Livett

Managing director,

The Aldingbourne Trust