Tackling congestion

AS SOMEONE frequently staying in Chichester I fully endorse the points made by Mr Wells (Observer, January 12) regarding the need for road improvements.

As he said, there is an urgent need for a relief road from Portfield to Broyle Road, to reduce the congestion in the Spitalfield Lane and Westhampnett Road segments.

A Summersdale friend tells me that if he wants to go to the Portfield area or to the eastbound A27 it is for most of the week quicker and more economical of fuel to travel a much longer route via Lavant and Goodwood.

The best place for this new road to join Broyle Road would indeed be at its widest part near the entrance to the former barracks, where there would be room for a roundabout.

Taking down all or part of the bleak wall along the east side of the barracks for the road to pass through could be a visual improvement.

If the new road had spurs to St Richard’s Hospital and to the University of Chichester, the congestion in the roads south of these institutions would be reduced further.

Access for emergency vehicles going to the hospital would be improved from all directions.

Much of the traffic going along the length of the new road would pass through Summerdale anyway, via College Lane or Broyle Road, so there would be no extra traffic for that area.

I agree it would be unwise to clutter the roundabouts in the Portfield area with extra housing or businesses as proposed, before the traffic situation is improved.

C Herrington

Burgess Road, Southampton