Tell the true parking story around Rolls Royce in Chichester

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

I am a resident in Maudlin, Westhampnett, and I am sickened by the constant positive coverage of the business of Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

I say this because there is a major parking issue in the Westhampnett area, and it’s the Rolls Royce employees who park down Old Arundel Road, Claypit Lane and the pavement along Stane Street. This is a huge and worrying problem as on a weekday it is sometimes impossible for an emergency or delivery vehicle to get down the road.

Furthermore, the worst of all about Rolls Royce’s ignorance towards the locals, is that one disabled resident who uses a mobility scooter is actually unable to leave his house as there is not enough space on the pavement due to the cars parking there. Also, the majority of these cars have the Rolls Royce badges in them and the actual car park at RR is never full. It’s also extremely frustrating when the employees drive down our road about 5.45am to park with their music blaring very loud.

It really angers me that your coverage of RR is constantly and only positive in the paper, when their policies, actions and control of their employees is causing widespread havoc in the area. I would expect your paper to be impartial but it seems that is not the case. Perhaps you could send one of your reporters down to our area on a weekday to tell the true story, if they can get parked.

Ewan McLeish, Old Arundel Road, Westhampnett


Editor’s note: As the publication of this letter demonstrates, when we receive criticism from local residents we reflect that in our pages.