Tesco trolley saga

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Tesco shopping trolleys littered around the western side of Chichester and why they seem to remain there for such a long time?

I now know the reason.

It is not because of the high number taken and abandoned.

It is because Tesco Chichester appears not to care or have poor internal communication systems when they are notified of an abandoned trolley.

Three weeks ago I found one in the ‘twitten’ at the back of Central School.

I was concerned this may be a temptation for children to play around in next to the spiked school fence or for drunken yobs to throw over the nearby wall at night.

So, I took it home and phoned the number displayed on the handle.

To my surprise I was linked to Tesco in Cardiff.

A very pleasant lady took the details and said she would inform the Chichester branch and that they would pick it up as soon as possible.

Five days later it was still there in my front garden so I phoned again, only to be informed the message had been passed on to Tesco Chichester but that it would be reported once more.

Five more days and the trolley was still there.

I phoned up a third time with the same response.

By now I was fed up with their dismal attitude to a customer who was trying to help them.

So, I reported this in person to the customer service desk at Chichester Tesco, saying I had had enough and would take the trolley back to where I found it if they didn’t collect it within three days.

The following week I was away from home but on my return last Friday was amazed to find two Tesco shopping trolleys in my front garden!

My daughter explained that since no-one had collected the first trolley while I was away, she had phoned the store manager after sending a formal complaint by email to Tesco HQ.

The manager apologised and explained Tesco employed a private company to collect these trolleys and that he would contact them to see what had gone wrong.

That same day a polite employee from this company phoned to say this was the first he had heard of this particular trolley and that he would organise it to be collected.

So will the trolleys be collected?

Or will they be joined by more?

Watch this space!

Paul Wreyford,

Hawthorn Close, Chichester

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We make every effort to ensure trolleys are collected and secured every night. It is frustrating for us, too, that people will go to any length to remove trolleys from our stores.

“If customers make us aware of abandoned trolleys we will of course arrange to collect them and can only apologise on this occasion that it hasn’t happened quickly enough.”