Thank you to Stagecoach

Along with others (lots and lots and lots of others) I was in Chichester on Thursday to see the Olympic flame pass through. I have never seen so many people so happy to stand in the rain for so long for a glimpse of a young lassie on her way through East Street.

The real point of this letter is to say a huge thank you to the staff of our local bus company who did a wonderful job in herding a lot of tired, wet and hungry people home. I joined a queue outside the Post Office where a supervisor organised a ‘Not in Service’ bus to materialise and, having turned round at the end of West Street, pick up a full load and deposit us all in various parts of the Witterings.

There have been times when I’ve waited for a bus at Bracklesham and have thought negative thoughts about Stagecoach – I unreservedly withdraw them all.

This was a great example of customer service and for that the company deserves commendation.

George Andrews

Farm Road,

Bracklesham Bay