Thanks for Alzheimer’s care

MY MOTHER died just before Christmas, aged 100.

She had been a patient for the past 25 years, initially in Graylingwell hospital and finally in Vine Ward, Harold Kidd Unit, with Alzheimer’s disease.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and love for all the care she received.

From the time she was admitted as a physically-fit, active, feisty lady, until her death, when she was bedridden, unable to do anything for herself, her care was always excellent.

All the staff treated all the patients with kindness, respect and dignity.

They always assumed my mother could understand everything they said.

It is not an easy job, but all the staff (doctors, nurses, domestic staff and volunteers) in Vine Ward were fantastic.

We were always warmly welcomed on the ward and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you.

Valerie Sargeant

Victoria Road, Chichester